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  • March Birthstone - Aquamarine
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March Birthstone - Aquamarine

March Birthstone - Aquamarine

Aquamarine - The Gem of the Sea

Aquamarines have been praised for thousands of years because of their beautiful greenish blue colour, mimicking the crystal clear waters we all dream of. Part of the beryl family (which includes emeralds), aquamarines have an amazing glass-like luster while retaining high hardness, making them an ideal candidate for jewellery. The characteristics make the gemstone a must-have for almost every jewellery retailer worldwide. Since the aquamarine is very popular, the race to obtain the very best quality stones and the most vivid colours is the challenge. As of late, intense deep blue aquamarines have surpassed the traditional sky blue for the highest valued colour of this stone.

Aquamarine and Diamond Ring - Daisy Exclusive - Montreal Jewelry

Aquamarine and Diamond ring - Private Collection

Through the ages

Mankind’s obsession with crystal clear waters and bright blue skies has yet to waver. These colours evoke a certain calmness and tranquility within us all. It is no surprise the aquamarines were a symbol of happiness and everlasting youth among ancient Egyptians and Sumerians. Societies from the Romans to the middle ages have said the stone possessed natural healing characteristics. A Roman Elder, Pliny, suggested the stone be immersed in water and then the eyes rinsed, to cure any eye ailment.

Double Blue Aquamarine and Diamond Ring - Daisy Exclusive - Montreal Jewelry

Double Blue Aquamarine and Diamond Ring - Daisy Exclusive

Famous Aquamarines

1953 Queen Elizabeth commissioned Garrard and co. to make an aquamarine tiara to accompany her necklace given to her by the government of Brazil.

Queen Elizabeth 1953 Aquamarine Tiara and Necklace

(credits: GemstoneBrazil)

Dom Pedro Stone. The largest faceted Aquamarine in the world at 10,363 carats. The beautiful piece sits in the Smithsonian National Gem Collection since 2011.

Dom Pedro Aquamarine

(credits: Smithsonian)

In 1937, Cartier designed 27 Aquamarine tiaras to celebrate the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. 

1937 Cartier Tiara Aquamarine

(credits: Order of Splendor)

Daisy Exclusive has a wide array of affordable aquamarines as well as some of the rarest and in demand stones available on the market. Browse our collection below

Aquamarine Jewellery

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  • Post author
    Monica Savage

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